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subterranean passages hidden treasures thiefs and smugglers kidnapping secret documents trapped!
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screenshot: Anne and Kirrin Island 1978 serie
- has not been adapted to the screen! But the beginning (first meeting of the cousins with George) have been set in  Five on Kirrin Island again
  • Timmy is out of house, after this adventure he is put up again by George's parents
  • George runs away before her cousins arrive
  • In the beginning George has difficulties to become friends with her cousins, she keeps Timmy secretly
  • Timmy becomes the four childs' secret, Anne blabs it out

1996 serie
  • Timmy is kicked out of the house at the begin of the episode
  • the children do not dive to the wreck - theres a violent current
  • the chidren explore the wreck after storm calms down, not in the next morning
  • there are no logbooks in the box
  • well and dungeons are found too quick
  • there are no echos down the dungeons
  • the children don't miss their way, George uses a piece of chalk at the first time
  • the villains close up the door to the dungeons with a padlock - do you usually carry it with you or in a boat?!
  • Villains do not leave the island; they find Dick und Anne
  • Dick - and not George - diables the villains' motorboat
  • Gold doesn't belong the Kirrin family but the crown
  • very realistic knowing-process with George and her cousins
  • Villains very dump

Complete cast
  • It is a very good book, exciting and with atmospheric description of the scenes and the relationship of the children to each other, but the escape plan is unfortunately totally illogical:
    • Why does none of the men at the boat remain and stays on guard while the other calls the ship? They know nevertheless that two children still are on the island, whose hiding place they did not find out. That is plentifully imprudent, isn't it?
    • If one presupposes the fact that all men go down to the dungeons, there results another problem: Why in all world don't the children simply lock the men in the dungeon and escape? The task, which Dick carries out down in the passages, is very unnecessary and extremely dangerous.

Ressources, curiosities
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screenshot: Kirrin Island
screenshot: George goes down the rainwater gutter
screenshot: George behind a bush
screenshot: Timmy jumps over the garden door
screenshot: George with Alf
screenshot: Aunt Francis and Uncle Quentin
screenshot: Quentin with the wooden box
screenshot: Villains open the wooden box
screenshot: The trasure plan
screenshot: The wrack at the bottom of the sea
screenshot: The wrack at the beach
screenshot: The gold in the dungeons

BasqueBostak Eta Uharteko Altxorra
Chinese著名的五个 1: :去金银岛
CroatianPet prijatelja na otoku s blagom
CzechSprávná pĕtka - Pĕtka na ostrovĕ pokladů
DanishDe fem pĺ skatteřen
DutchDe Vijf en het gestrande goudschip
EnglishFive on a treasure island
FrenchLe Club des Cinq et le trésor de l´ile
GermanFünf Freunde erforschen die Schatzinsel
GreekΤο νησί με τα μυστήρια
IndonesianSeri Lima Sekawan: Di Pulau Harta
PortugueseOs Cinco na Ilha do Tesouro
RussianTaina ostrova sokrowisch
SpanishLos Cinco y el tesoro de la isla
SwedishFem söker en skatt
TurkishAfacan Beşler - Hazine Adası

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